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切割者 Treble Hooks 7794-DS

Powerful treble hook. 3 x strong. Suitable for targeting strong fish with medium to big sized lures/baits. Extra short shank. Durasteel coating for a great performance against rust.

參考 尺寸 數量
Reference Size Quantity
7794-DS 3/0 T05
7794-DS 2/0 T05
7794-DS 1/0 T05
7794-DS 1 T10
7794-DS 2 T10
7794-DS 4 T10
7794-DS 6 T10
7794-DS 8 T10

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红甘鲹(章红), 鰤鱼(青甘), 鲔鱼(金枪鱼)