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Limerick "Gummimakk" Hook

The Limerick "Gummimakk" hook originates from Norway where they are used, mainly in commercial Cod fishing. The 1X long shanked hook is fitted with plastic tubing in bright colors and fished vertically with jigging machines. Make a strong leader fitted with 2-3 hooks above a heavy pilker or Jig and be prepared for some heavy tugging, once you find some Cod or Pollack. The hook features an open eye for easy change, using a plier to close the eye. The 1X extra strong hook will stand up to the biggest Cod or Pollack you can encounter in the Northern Atlantic.Read more
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  • Classic Point
  • Kirbed Point
  • 1X Strong
  • 1X Long
  • Open Eye
  • Kink Shank
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