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O'Shaughnessy Open Ring Hook

The Mustad Classic O'Shaughnessy hook features an open eye and a forged hook for great durability and strength. It is a great replacement hook for your bigger saltwater spoon, plug or spinner baits without the use of a split ring. Simply use the MT007 Hybrid Plier to close the eye. This hook is also used to make the gang rig. The multiple hook-rig is made by passing the point of the hook through the eye of the preceding hook and for the sake of safety putting a rubber stopper before the eye is also recommended. To rig the 3-hook gang hook just attach a split ring and a swivel to the front eye and attach the leader. Best suited for casting with a slow retrieve imitating a wounded fish. One advantage of the gang hook rig is the ability to present bigger bait on smaller hooks.read more
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