Wide Gap Hook - 2X Strong

Choosing the right single hook for your Salmon and Steelhead trolling lures can be a challenge. The Mustad wide gap hook is a great choice! Choose a hook that is no wider than your trolling spoon. The slightly reversed hook point improves hooking and holding abilities. The wide gap hook will provide more solid hook-ups and fish in the boat. Perfect for rigging in tandem using whole Herring or Anchovies when mooching. The 2X strong wire hook will bring that big King Salmon to the boat. Mooching is a very slow drifting technique in which the salmon have time to look and taste the bait before striking. Use it to target Salmon, Steelhead, Coho or Pink Salmon and Chinook.read more
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  • Classic Point
  • Reversed Point
  • 2X Strong
  • Ringed Eye
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