Skippy Hook

Popular amongst Sturgeon and Catfish anglers, this hook features a beak point, reversed point, 3x strong wire, and up-turned eye on a carefully designed Skippy hook. The foundation of this needle point hook, 4.3 UltraPoint® Technology, sets the standard for sharp, durable needle points. With UltraPoint®, you can keep on landing fish with the same hook. circle hooks have a distinct curved shape that will, when the fish takes the baited hook, ensure that the hook travels to the corner of the mouth or lip, resulting in fewer deep-hooked fish. The carefully chosen dimensions and wire strength make the 412NP a great hook for drifting, bottom fishing, or live baiting. Features an up-turned eye, which works particularly well in combination with the Snell knot for optimal presentation of the bait with the paternoster rig Use to fish for Catfish and Sturgeon when Live Baiting, Drifting, or Bottom more
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  • 4.3 UltraPoint® Technology
  • Needle Point
  • Beak
  • Reversed Point
  • 3X Strong
  • Standard Length
  • Ringed Eye
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