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Ruthless Slow Flash Assist Rig

Slow fall jigging techniques are central to Mustad’s salty DNA. The Ruthless Slow Flash Jigging Assist Rig entices strikes thanks to the red tinsel flash and solid epoxy wrapping. For ultimate freedom of movement, the assist thread has been individually rigged which guarantees great hook hold and increases hooking rate. This assist rig is built around the Mustad Ruthless Spade Hook, featuring a wide-gap ruthless bend and 1X strong wire for a dependable hold onto the fish. Set up your favorite slow fall jig with the Ruthless Slow Flash Assist rig for targeting species like snapper, tuna, and grouper.read more
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  • 4.8 AlphaPoint Technology
  • Needle Point
  • 1X Strong
  • Standard Length
  • Spade
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