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Mezashi Casting Jig

Mustad's latest metal lure, the Mezashi Casting Jig, presents enticing erratic action with irresistible reflective patterns. The translucent colored eye refracts lights to create an attractive natural shine in the water sure to produce a bite. For an intense wobbling action on retreival, this jig has been built with an asymmetrical body with a round shape to one side and triangle to the other. The 45:55 weight distribution only increases the fierce action and unmatched presentation. Designed in Japan with premium reflective materials. Perfected by a Mustad UltraPoint assist hook rigged to the front and an UltraPoint treble to the rear.Read more
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  • Green Gold
  • UV Blue Pink
  • Aji
  • Sardine
  • Black Magic
  • Pink Sardine
  • Shirasu
  • Red Gold
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