Minnow Jerkbait

The LIVETARGET Minnow finesse jerkbait is a one-of-a-kind Minnow replica. The high-impact polycarbonate lip is installed separately from the main body fuselage. This unique design feature enables the lure to behave erratically when twitched, which perfectly represents the movement of a distressed Minnow. The lip is extremely durable and has excellent deflection properties making it a great option for anglers targeting fish around cover such as rock or wood. The bait sinks approximately 1' every 3 seconds and falls parallel. Equipped with a weight transfer, which generates ad dense knock sound. Ultra-realistic paint finishes make this Minnow imitation for targeting fresh and saltwater game fish.read more
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  • Chartreuse Belly
  • Silver / Blue
  • Silver / Pearl
  • Violet / Black Back
  • Silver / Black
  • Silver / Pumpkin
  • Gold / Perch
  • Emerald Shiner
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