ICAST 2024

RELEASING | 7.17.2024

NEW FREESTYLE FROG | 2”, 2.5”, 3”

The all-new Freestyle Frog 2.0 capitalizes on LIVETARGET’s massive success by combining all the award-winning benefits of legacy LIVETARGET frogs. This soft-body topwater lure leverages Injected Core Technology to combine an alluring inner core and a highly durable, exoskeleton. Its innovative hollow core is easily compressed when a fish bites and greatly improves buoyancy in any environment. Ultra-realistic extending legs give the frog an unmatched lifelike profile and action in the water. MSRP $9.99

NEW SHAD | 4.5”, 5.5”, 6.5”

LIVETARGET introduces its new Shad that those big monsters can’t say no to. Leveraging Injected Core Technology, it combines an ultra-realistic multi-color laminated core with an enticing translucent exoskeleton.A split belly and dorsal fin offer exceptional rigging flexibility and maximum hook-up ratios. It is ideally paired with an EWG-style or swim bait hook sized 6/0-12/0. The Shad is available in 3 distinct sizes and 8 colors; 2-3 per pack.MSRP $9.99

NEW SUNFISH | 3.3”, 3.8”, 4.3”

The LIVETARGET Sunfish introduces a paradigm shift in traditional swimbait design through its utilization of state-of-the-art Injected Core Technology (ICT). This cutting-edge approach integrates lifelike anatomical features—comprising realistic eyes, precisely sculpted scales, fins, lateral line, and body profile—within a dynamic inner core. Employing an advanced injection laminate process, ICT enriches the inner core with intricate, multi-colored metallic layers ensconced within a clear, robust exoskeleton. The three-dimensional effect generated by ICT allows light to refract throughout the entire lure, significantly enhancing its lifelike appearance underwater. The combination of a richly detailed inner core and a translucent outer layer ensures that the LIVETARGET Sunfish not only achieves exceptional realism but also maintains superior functionality. ICT guarantees that the lure delivers unmatched action in the water, attracting big bass with its size, natural appearance and movement. Available in three sizes—3.3 inch, 3.8 inch, 4.3 inch—the LIVETARGET Sunfish offers unparalleled versatility in depth, speed control, and fishability. Though it’s not a giant swimbait, this soft plastic is definitely a big fish pattern. While it excels at covering open water, it is particularly adept at dissecting areas believed to hold big fish. Central to its superior action is the unique oscillator tail, molded from a transparent exoskeleton. This design imparts a fluid side-to-side swimming motion and rhythmic tail beat without compromising the lure’s natural appearance. Encased in this transparent shell, the inner core perfectly mimics a pesky panfish, ensuring that bass focus on the authentic profile of the bait rather than the action-generating oscillator tail.MSRP $9.99

NEW CRAW | 2.8”, 3.8”

The ubiquitous crayfish, serving as a quintessential prey item for bass populations from Florida to California, assumes a pivotal role in many anglers’ pursuits. From pre-spawn to post-spawn, the all-new LIVETARGET Craw represents a significant advancement in the realm of creature baits, distinguishing itself through its unparalleled capacity to elicit strikes from largemouth and smallmouth bass across various habitats. Leveraging state-of-the-art Injected Core Technology (ICT), the LIVETARGET Craw heralds a transformative departure from conventional soft-plastic lure design. This innovative technology seamlessly integrates lifelike anatomical features—such as a segmented body replete with intricate textures and ridges, augmented by meticulously rendered claws, legs, and even the discernibly sharp eyestalk—within a dynamic inner core. Available in two sizes—2.8 inches and 3.8 inches—the LIVETARGET Craw offers unparalleled versatility in depth, speed control, and fishability. Rigging this ultra-realistic craw imitation is both straightforward and versatile. Featuring a body of optimal thickness to securely accommodate a heavy-gauge flipping hook, yet not impeding hooksets, the lure’s unique appendages induce pronounced kicking and quivering motions with minimal angler input, mirroring the sedentary and defensive postures innate to live crayfish, whether punched, jigged, or presented on a Texas rig. Moreover, its distinctive profile permits anglers to rig it with the tail folded under the hook, enhancing displacement during retrieval and providing a flat surface for accommodating a bullet weight or jighead. Available in twelve distinct color variations and two size options, the LIVETARGET Craw stands unrivaled in its realism and attraction. Pair the 2.8 with a 2/0 Mustad AlphaPoint Assault Wide Gap hook and the 3.8 with a 5/0. Sold unrigged with a MSRP of $7.99.

NEW STICK WORM | 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”

The Stick Worm, the softest of LIVETARGET’s newest worm profiles, is designed to excel in various fishing techniques. The 5- and 6-inch versions are ideal for Texas, or wacky rigging, featuring a reduced salt content in the inner core to achieve a slow to medium sink rate. This slower descent keeps the bait in the strike zone longer. Its ribbed body and cylindrical shape taper sharply to the tail, providing a distinctive shimmy on slack line, setting it apart from traditional fast-sinking stick worms. For NED rigging enthusiasts, the 3- and 4-inch Stick Worms stand perfectly upright and exhibit a pronounced quiver in the tail, thanks to their saltless composition which enhances buoyancy. When paired with a mushroom or ball head, these worms display an enticing shaking, dragging, or hopping motion. The LIVETARGET Stick Worm is available in eight distinct color variations and four size options, sold unrigged with a MSRP of $6.99, 8 -10 per pack.

✓NEW STRAIGHT TAIL WORM | 4.5”, 5.5”, 6.5”

The Straight Tail Worm, distinguished by its slender head and tapered body that narrows before expanding into a bulbous tail, offers exceptional action and stands as the stiffest among LIVETARGET’s new worm profiles. Available in three sizes—4.5 inches, 5.5 inches, and 6.5 inches—this modern straight tail worm showcases remarkable versatility. When rigged Texas-style with a Mustad AlphaPoint Tak-Offset hook, it proves effective in heavy cover and also excels in targeting fish near the bottom or mid-water column with shaky head or drop shot rigs. The worm’s elongated shape responds dynamically to minimal rod tip movements, enhancing hook penetration and reducing the likelihood of missed fish due to its slim profile.Unlike many soft plastic worms heavily impregnated with salt, which compromises durability, the Straight Tail Worm excludes salt completely. This design achieves a slow to medium sink rate while maintaining a soft and durable exoskeleton. The LIVETARGET Straight Tail Worm is available in eight vibrant, fade-resistant colors and three sizes, sold unrigged with an MSRP of $6.99 for a 10-pack.

✓NEW FINESSE WORM | 4.5”, 5.5”, 6.5”

The Finesse Worm stands out with its thicker body, gradually tapering from head to tail like a baseball bat. This design adds subtle bulk to the traditional finesse profile. Through strategic manipulation of hook placement and weight distribution, the presentation of this bait undergoes significant transformation. When rigged weightless on a Texas rig with a Mustad AlphaPoint Tak-Offset hook, the Finesse Worm excels in surface presentations, offering stealth and mobility. Adding a bullet weight allows for presentations along the bottom and through dense cover. Drop shotting also proves highly effective, as the angler’s subtle manipulation of the weight produces an enticing action that appeals to wary bass in clear water or pressured fisheries. Unlike many soft plastic worms heavily laden with salt, which can compromise durability, the Finesse Worm features none at all. This unique composition results in a slow to medium sink rate while maintaining a soft yet durable texture. The LIVETARGET Finesse Worm is available in eight fade-resistant colors—four classics and four innovative options—and three sizes. They are sold unrigged in packs of ten, with a suggested retail price of $6.99.


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