Live Craw Finesse Bait

Mimics a vulnerable Craw exposed in open water, falling to the security of bottom cover. Twitch it to create an erratic action or wind it slow to generate a thumping pulse. The body is made from ABS plastic and is buoyant. The legs are made from TPE soft plastic. The durable and buoyant material enables the legs to shimmy and flicker as the bait falls. The swing weight is strategically designed to throw the bait off balance, which creates a wobble action as the lure settles after a twitch or pull. The position of the swing weight is aligned on the body enabling a balanced fall, just like a real Craw when exposed in open water. The lure comes with two weights, to adjust the falling action. Equipped with a stout Mustad strong hook. Ideal for targeting Bass, Zander, Pike and other bottom freshwater feeding more
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  • Moss Craw
  • Red Craw
  • Natural Craw
  • Chartreuse Black
  • Blue Craw
  • Orange Pumpkin
  • Chartreuse Pumpkin
  • Orange / Brown Craw
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