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Comparing 4orce and Domin8

Both lines will catch fish, but their handling characteristics are very different.

4ORCE, our four carrier constructed braid creates the ultimate strength superline. A four carrier line is aggressive by design to give it maximum strength and abrasion resistance. We like to explain this in comparison to a mud tire; it has a tough, aggressive finish with the ability to rip and tear through almost any condition. Looking at the close-up of the braid below, you can clearly see how the diamond weave of a four carrier is coarser than some of our sleeker lines which are more focused on handling. The next time you are fishing heavy cover or otherwise finding yourself in need of brute strength, choose 4ORCE.

DOMIN8, our eight carrier constructed braid creates a superior handling superline. An eight carrier line is smooth by design to be quieter and cast further. We like to explain this in comparison to a highway tire. A highway tire has a sleek finish providing a smooth, quiet, better handling tread. Look at the close up shot of DOMIN8, you will see the peaks and valleys of the braid. This shows how the basket weave of an 8 carrier is smooth like the tread in a highway tire. So the next time you are fishing in cast-and-retrieve situations and are looking for a smooth, superior handling line, choose DOMIN8!


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