Finger Trap Splice

  1. Insert bent wire into braid and push to desired length.
  2. Bunch the braid onto the wire.
  3. Carefully pull the wire out of the braid, leaving the compressed braid. Insert monofilament into compressed braid, pushing it all the way through bunched area.
  4. Pinch the monofilament and braided line with one hand (1) and comb the braid over the monofilament (2) until the braid is smooth and the monofilament is in the center.
  5. Tie a 36″ piece of floss near end of the braid where it meets the monofilament with a simple overhand knot. With the long side of the floss tie 50 Half Hitch knots to secure the braid.
  6. If done correctly you will see a spiral of Half Hitches develop around the braid.
  7. After 50, clip the floss and with the tag end of the floss, make another series of half hitches to cover the end of the braid.
  8. Cover the Half Hitches with super glue to bind them in place.


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