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TUF Knot

Looking for the right knot to connect two lines of varying diameters, including thin-diameter braids to monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders? This knot combines the ease and strength of the standard uni-knot and the improved clinch knot to provide the highest knot strength. (When tying mono to mono, the uni portion of the knot must be tied with the heavier line.)

  1. Overlap the two lines about a foot. Form a uni-knot circle with the tag end of the thicker line — line A.
  2. Wrap line A up to six times around line B to form a uni-knot. (use six turns for a4- to 20-pound test, fewer for heavier lines.) Snug tight by pulling on both ends of line A.
  3. Wrap line B eight to 11 times around line A to form an improved clinch knot (for braids, go with 10 to 12 turns). Thread the tag end of line B through the opening at the base of the uni-knot, then through the big loop.
  4. Hold the tag end and standing line while pulling up the coils of line B.
  5. Make sure the coils form a spiral instead of overlapping. Slide tight against the uni. Trim ends.


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