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Mustad Welcomes Industry Experience to Italian Market

As of the first of June, Mustad is working directly with clients in Italy on sales and marketing.

Industry leader in hooks manufacturing and a key performer in sport fishing, Mustad, lands two tackle industry experts in sales to grow Mustad brands in the Italian market. Now as of June 1, a direct market for Mustad, sales and promotion in Italy will be led by Paolo Polimeni as Country Manager. Paolo’s extensive experience with strong, established brands will be crucial for taking Mustad and LIVETARGET to the next level in the region. Taking a key role as Northern Italy Area Manager, recently acquired sales expert Fabio Veronese brings nearly 30 years of industry experience and knowledge of the Italian market. Both Fabio and Paolo have familiarity representing Mustad in shops for many years.

Newly appointed as Country Manager, Paolo Polimeni has an impressive career spanning over a decade in the fishing industry. He began his journey in the industry in 2009, where he showcased his exceptional skills in sales and marketing strategies. Over the following decade, Paolo worked his way up the sales ladder selling renowned brands under both the Svendsen Sport and Pure Fishing companies, as well as representing Mustad through distribution. During his tenure, Paolo consistently delivered impressive results and exhibited his ability to build strong relationships with clients and exceed sales targets.

With his extensive knowledge of the Italian fishing market and a deep understanding of customer needs, Paolo is well-equipped to lead Mustad's operations in Italy. His experience in brand promotion, sales management, and territory expansion makes him an ideal fit for this pivotal role. He will be responsible for driving growth, implementing strategic initiatives, and strengthening Mustad's position as a leading fishing brand in Italy.

Taking the lead in the Northern region of Italy, Fabio Veronese has a proven track record of promoting and selling fishing products, including Yamashita, DAM, Taiko, and Mustad among many others. His network, experience, and deep fishing tackle knowledge will be a key asset for Mustad as the region transitions to a home market. Together with Paolo, Mustad is thoroughly confident the new sales team in Italy will strongly lead Mustad and LIVETARGET region-wide.

About Mustad

Mustad has led the global hook market since 1877. Mustad’s mission is to create a comprehensive multi-brand company that leads the fishing tackle industry while focusing on innovation, employee and customer satisfaction, and sustainability. For more information, visit www.mustad-fishing.com or @mustadfishingeurope on Facebook and Instagram


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