Mini InkVader Tenya

Following up the popular InkVader Octopus Live Jig launched in 2019 are the InkVader Mini jigs. The Tenya variant features both a fixed Tenya hook and an optional assist hook on a 55lb assist hook braided line. Differing from the Octopus Live Jig, the InkVader Mini is a versatile design built for both jigging and casting. The two eyes on the Tenya hook offer the option to fish vertically or horizontally for improving the chance to land the big one. For optimum effectiveness, the InkVader Mini should be presented with slow jerking with a slow lift and fall. Even the current can give enough action to get a bite. Lures with the 20g zinc weight have red eye while the gold eye is featured on the 30g lead weighted more
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  • Chartreuse Devil
  • Green Devil
  • Sand Devil
  • Red Devil
  • Pearl Glow Devil
  • Natural Devil
  • Dark Brown Devil
  • Transparent Devil
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