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Iseama Hook

A top-selling all purpose bait hook, the Iseama Hook has earned an upgrade. Now with Mustad's latest hook technologies, this fish hook takes the iconic shape to the next level in technical fishing presentations. The AlphaPoint® hook point boasts a slimmer, stickier point that penetrates quickly for effortless solid hook-sets. The kirbed shank holds steady when set and strong Mustad hook wire makes a great pick for bottom fishing for bony jaws. For the sleek, matte grey look, Mustad has applied its TitanX coating featuring 48 hours of rust resistance and a nano-thin finish that makes this Mustad's sharpest hook point yet</p>read more
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  • 4.8 AlphaPoint Technology
  • Needle Point
  • Kirbed Point
  • 1X Strong
  • Standard Length
  • Forged
  • Ringed Eye
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