Tak-Offset Hook

Made to pair with your favorite soft plastics baits, the Tak-Offset Hook cuts through grass and lands big bass in the weeds. The point is offset from the eye so that bait sits flush and maximizes the action of the lure. The aggressive Tak bend was designed for the ultimate weedless range of hooks. The combination of the Tak bend and Mustad’s AlphaPoint® hook point technology culminates for a slimmer, sharper hook that penetrates quickly and efficiently. Using the same Opti-Angle sharpening technique as UltraPoint®, Mustad's latest hook point offers the durability Mustad known for. The nano-thin TitanX finish with a sleek gun-metal look supports the sharpness of the hook and the smoothness maximizes penetration.read more
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  • 4.8 AlphaPoint Technology
  • Needle Point
  • Inline
  • Z-Bend
  • 2X Strong
  • Standard Length
  • Forged
  • Ringed Eye
  • Handlekurv

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