Mezashi Slim Jig

Mustad's Mezashi Slim Jig is designed to provide maximum attraction and performance whether you're pulling game from the depths or casting from the shore. You have a better shot at landing a fish thanks to a pair of light wire slow jigging hooks tied on the front. With its center of gravity shifted slightly forward of the jig's center, this head-side heavy (55:45) slim shape lead jig is made to resist vertical movement against the force of the fishing line. As a part of the Mezashi Series of lures, the Mezashi Slim Jig has Mezashi transparent eyes, which refract light and serve to entice a strike. With 5 different weights and 8 unique patterns to choose from, the Mezashi Slim Jig offers versatile options for any fishing situation. The construction from hard lead alloy makes it resistant to damage while still being portable and simple to more
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  • Sand Eel
  • True Sardine
  • Glow Pink
  • Red Glow
  • Shirasu Glow
  • Anchovy Glow
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