Mezashi Rock Lobster Craw

A realistic crawfish imitation is a must-have in any serious bass angler’s arsenal. The massive claws on the Rock Lobster vibrate and displace water for maximum attraction. Land fish after fish thanks to the durable Japanese PVC, reactive German plasticizer, and flashy American color materials. The Mezashi-concept through-eye means that the eyes will stay put after even the toughest mouths. Available in eight patterns at 3 inches in length. The Rock Lobster is most effective rigged on our new Ultra Drive Jig Head or Weighted KVD Grip Pin® Hook (38101W) for fishing along the more
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  • Rock Lobster
  • Pearl White
  • Red & Red
  • Scampi
  • Chart. & Chart.
  • Motor Oil Magic
  • Watermelon
  • Clear Magic
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