Chasten Whitfield Shows How to Tie a Uni Uni Knot

Mustad Pro Staffer Chasten Whitfield gives a lesson on tying the Uni Uni knot to rig up the line to the leader.

This knot is great for tying two lines together (joining main line and leader) when you don't want to use a swivel. It works well and most find it easier to tie than the Blood Knot. This knot can be used with braided line or monofilament; just be sure to make several extra wraps in the braided line.

Chasten is a 17 year old angler who proves that “it’s more than just fishing.” Her mission is to help kids of all ages, especially girls, become comfortable anglers while teaching positive life skills, thoughtfulness, doing whats right for the right reasons, and choosing to stay active outdoors. Read more about Chasten on her website

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