Hooks For Flippin' vs. Finessing Bass

Fishing hooks come in all different sizes, shapes and wire thicknesses—all for good reason. Each family or series of hooks has characteristics designed to accomplish certain goals. For example, let’s look at the differences between forged hooks designed for flippin’ vs. finesse.

Flippin’ is a no-holds-barred, yank-‘em-out of the tough stuff presentation using heavy tackle—typically a stout, 2X strong Alpha-Grip Flipping Hook in conjunction with a slip sinker. Use an underhanded flip of the rod tip to gently pendulum a rigged soft bait (or jig/trailer) a few inches above your target. The bait then silently drops into the water to avoid spooking fish in shallow cover. Flippin’ works best in dark- or dirty-water conditions where you can closely approach shallow cover without spooking bass.

The Alpha-Grip Finesse Hook, by comparison, is a 1X fine hook for use with lighter tackle and finesse soft bait presentations. Texas-rig a worm, lizard or creature behind a conical slip sinker and you’re all set to cast, flip or pitch your lure into the bass zone. You get consistently solid hooksets, even at longer distances.

The all-new Alpha-Grip baitholder pin on both hook styles securely holds soft plastics in place. The red epoxy in the eye prevents skinny braided lines from entering the gap between the ringed eye and the hook collar.


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