Mustad Redefines the Traditional Worm Hook

Technique-focused AlphaPoint® Assault hooks elevate weedless rigging for more secure hooksets in saltwater.

Despite their general classification, weedless worm hooks demonstrate remarkable versatility. Using the sharpest and strongest hooks for any given situation provides anglers with a crucial advantage, and the new AlphaPoint® Assault series of technique-driven hooks, designed to accommodate a wide range of soft plastic baits, establishes a new standard of excellence in weedless rigging. Empowering elite saltwater anglers as they pursue a wide range of gamefish and environments, the next generation of Mustad hooks ensures the upper hand in any fishing situation.

The AlphaPoint® Assault Heavy Hook serves as the cornerstone for saltwater anglers, embodying premium Mustad technologies and innovative design attributes. This 2X strong wide-gap worm hook features a resin-protected eye and an exaggerated offset Z bend, preventing soft plastics from slipping during casting or after short strikes. The shank features a strategic Tak-bend that enhances hooksets, particularly when fishing with the largest, hollow-body soft plastics. Available in sizes 2/0 – 8/0, AlphaPoint® Assault Heavy hooks boast Mustad’s matte, gunmetal TitanX non-reflective finish and Opti-Angle sharpening technology.

While the traditional weedless worm hook has seen limited evolution, the AlphaPoint® Assault line introduces diverse designs catering to various saltwater tactics. The Infiltrator Weighted Hook, ideal for skipping small soft-plastic jerkbaits under docks or beneath overhanging mangroves, features an AlphaSpring screw-lock for more effectively securing soft plastics. Available in sizes 2/0 – 10/0 and weights from 1/8 ounce to 1/2 ounce, these hooks offer saltwater anglers versatility in weight configurations and hook sizes for covering different portions of the water column as tidal flow dictates where gamefish stage.

The upcoming spring tarpon run is about to kick into high gear along the Southwest Florida beaches. Keep an eye out for rolling and daisy chaining tarpon, and those cruising just beneath the surface. Navigate stealthily around them and position yourself for a drift to intersect their path. Typically, you’ll find beach tarpon gathering in depths of 15 to 25 feet, often revealing their presence with noticeable muds. Reach for the 10/0, ½-ounce AlphaPoint® Infiltrator Weighted Hook and the biggest swimbait in your tackle bag. Utilizing a lightweight tarpon setup rigged with 30-pound TUFLINE 4ORCE braid and 50-pound XD fluorocarbon offers an ideal balance for casting lighter lures and fighting fish in relatively shallow water.

For anglers navigating thick turtlegrass and oyster beds in skinny, crystal clear waters targeting belly-crawling redfish, snook, and trout, AlphaPoint® TAK-offset hooks can be paired to match the profiles of smaller and thinner finesse baits to optimize action and performance. Balancing the design of a round bend hook with an elevated point above the eye and incorporating Mustad’s Tak bend, this modern worm hook maximizes hooking efficiency.

One of the risks of fishing worm hooks in saltwater is that they are prone to bending more than other styles of hooks. Mustad’s Nor-Tempered, high-carbon alloy wire provides the ideal foundation when executing strong hooksets with braided lines, reducing hook flex for faster penetration. Paired with streamlined lures like the LIVETARGET 3-inch Slow-Roll Shiner, the AlphaPoint® TAK-offset hook allows for various retrieval techniques, enticing big fish without compromising hook integrity. A 7-foot 6-inch medium-heavy action spinning rod and reel rigged with 10-pound TUFLINE 4ORCE braid and 20-pound TUFLINE XD fluorocarbon ensures ease and accuracy in casting the lightweight Slow-Roll Shiner.

Mustad’s commitment to innovation extends to sustainability, evident in the development of AlphaPoint® hook packaging. Utilizing PLA bio-plastics derived from renewable resources like cornstarch and sugarcane, the packaging is fully biodegradable and compostable.

Anglers around the world rely on Mustad hooks for that all-important connection to the next bite. Throughout the history of sportfishing, Mustad has made significant strides in the advancement of hook material and their legacy of performance continues with AlphaPoint® technology and the greatest iteration of the weedless worm hooks ever seen.


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