Mustad's Triangle Concept

Unbeatable strength and quality design come together in our most innovative product yet.

Reminiscent of the awe-inspiring angles of stealth technology, Mustad’s Triangle Concept is a complex merging of wire shapes that is truly representative of the highest level of mastery in the craft. The actual triangle section is constructed using a proprietary 3-Way optimized forging process that makes these hooks an incredible 20% stronger than traditional wire!

Moving up the hook, the super rigid triangular shank transitions seamlessly into perfectly tapered round wire and terminates in high strength welded rings for maximum knot security. Following down along the bend and past the integrated barb, Mustad Triangle Hooks feature two different point styles: Mustad’s flagship UltraPoint or new Triangle Point, the sharpest and longest lasting points of their kind.

To round out these ground-breaking designs, Mustad Triangle Wire hooks are finished in either new Mustad T-Steel, a low visibility finish with unparalleled saltwater corrosion resistance, or Mustad TitanX Nanotech finish, a stealthy, slippery smooth coating that increases penetration up to 4 times that of other finishes.

No other fish hook brand can duplicate the combination of Mustad’s production facilities, including the only wire mill in the hook business, and our highly experienced engineering staff. Our team continues forward in Mustad’s legacy of turning the ideas of dedicated anglers from dream to reality for over 141 years and counting.

Leading not only in wire technology, Mustad packs the Triangle Hooks in an exlusive box made from sustainable materials. That way, while the hook will last long, the packaging won't.

The Mustad Triangle Hook earned Best New Product Award at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition for the innovative design it brings to the fishing market. We are both proud and humbled, and strongly motivated to keep pushing limits in years to come. Thank you!


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