Your Jig Collection Just Got Flashier

To follow up last year's comprehensive range of jigging assist rigs, Mustad is introducing a new range of vertical jigs with proven shape profiles and sleek finishes.

These jigs are injection-moulded, dressed with Japanese hot stamping paper, and finished with UV reflective paint on the back along with glow-win-the-dark lumo paint on the belly. Mustad vertical jigs are equipped with Ultrapoint Jigging hooks and given an edge with Japanese quality UV tinsels and flash paper.

Loaded with tools at this level, you'll never miss out on a bite.


The Zippy jig is a bottom weighted rig ideal for targeting schooling pelagics, such as tunas and jacks. The wider profile of the Zippy jig causes it to flutter on the drop, drawing the attention of pelagics. When reeled in quickly, the Zippy skips on the water surface like a fleeing baitfish. It can also be worked near the bottom of shallow reefs to target reef dwelling species like snappers and groupers.


The Daggerman jig is a 60:40 front-weighted vertical jig specially designed for amberjacks, yellowtails, and Dogtooth tunas. The Daggerman is best presented in short rapid pumps with short pauses in between. The aerodynamically shaped Daggerman rips through water columns and, during the short pause, immediately dips its head down resembling the natural movement of a struggling baitfish. Most hits are usually encountered right after the pause in movement.


The Moonriser jig has a slim profile with the weight concentrated near its head. Due to its streamlined design, it descends quickly and is great for fishing spots near structures, such as wrecks. It cuts through water with minimal resistance and allows anglers to jig in deeper water. Long strokes, with a moderate retrieval speed, are ideal for the Moonriser.


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