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High School Angler Program

Sign up for support for your school's fishing team!


Mustad Fishing is dedicated to the support of High School fishing programs and anglers across the US. With this dedication, Mustad is excited to release the Student Angler Program. Mustad has been built on the foundation of trust by crafting the best fishing hooks but has been carried by anglers who prove that trust day after day, and year after year. Mustad recognizes the importance of young anglers and wants to continue to develop the passion within by offering the following:

Discount: High school clubs receive 50% (pending approval) off retail pricing on all Mustad products up to $2,000 a term (one “school year” vs. calendar year).


Logo Placement: Mustad logo placed on official value jerseys (jersey proof must be submitted to Mustad before printing).

Digital: Mustad appears as a supporting sponsor on any web or digital property where sponsors are mentioned.

Social: Team members must follow Mustad’s social media profiles (FB & IG) and are encouraged to engage with Mustad on said profiles.

Posts: Team pages or members are encouraged to publish 6 Mustad-centric (tagged) posts on social profiles throughout a term (one “school year” vs. calendar year).

To apply for our High School Angler program, please email the following information to [email protected]:

  • Name of your high school?
  • School Team Name/Mascot?
  • Number of members on the team?
  • Coach/Representing Faculty Advisor Name & Email (must be 18 or older)?
  • Full Shipping Address?
  • Why did you choose to apply with Mustad?
  • Please provide any additional comments or information about your program that you think would help us in determining your eligibility.
  • Please let us know if you, or your team, are affiliated with any other brands.

***This program is open to high school bass fishing clubs organized by their schools/institutions, members of B.A.S.S., or FLW Outdoors, and compete in Bassmaster Mossy Oak High School or individual State High School Fishing programs. This program is not open to individuals but is a club sponsorship program.


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