Triple Grip Treble Hook - 2X Short Shank

The specially engineered shape of the Mustad Triple Grip® Hook combines exceptional hooking and holding capability with outstanding strength. This 2X short shank feature a precise shape that almost "locks" a fish into the elbow of the bend, making it virtually impossible for the fish, to throw the hook. The precise point alignment provides for an optimal angle of point impact, which leads to increased power at hookset. One important bonus is that the angled shape makes this hook less prone to snagging on structure than round bend trebles. The 2X short shank allows you to use larger gapped hooks without the fear of the trebles fouling each other. Use it on your favorite crankbaits, jerkbaits or topwater lures to get more fish to the boat. Using a red replacement hook can make or break a great day, when the fish are not hitting more
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