Giant Inline Circle Hook - Needle Eye

In the popular Demon Perfect Circle Hook series, Mustad introduces the new Giant Circle Hook, designed for catch-and-release of giant Goliath Grouper, Mako and Tiger sharks. The hook is designed with a needle eye-rigging channel, which will accommodate 5,000-pound cable! The hook features a drilled hole, designed to ensure that cable and crimps are drawn as tight as possible to the hook, helping to prevent a large loop of cable at the point where the hook and leader come together. This will reduce the impact and harm to the fish during the fight. The Giant Circle Hook is fitted with a micro barb that ensures that the hook will not back out and moves around, during the fight, but keep its position. The release operation is the opposite of reversing the hook out of the fish's mouth. The line is cut, and the hook can be leader pulled from the point through the jaw of the more
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  • 4.3 UltraPoint® Technology
  • Needle Point
  • Inline
  • 3X Strong
  • 2X Short
  • Needle Eye
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