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Duracast Ice

DuraCast Ice is the most abrasion-resistant superline on the market today. In accelerated fiber to metal tests, DuraCast Ice offered more than double the abrasion resistance of its nearest competitor and more than 12x the abrasion resistance of some national brands. Now you can have confidence when you are in a seesaw battle with larger species like walleye, lake trout, or muskie that the sharp edges of your ice-fishing hole won’t cause you to lose the “big one”. Manufactured with a unique bi-component patent-pending process, DuraCast Ice incorporates an exclusive inside out coating process that ensures a perfectly round, smooth, long-lasting superline that does not break down or lose its rigidity with prolonged use. The inside out coating process ensures permanent coloration of the line with no flaking or annoying coating residues. DuraCast Ice will revolutionize your ice-fishing experience.read more
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