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Deep Water 6 Jig Kit

Mustad’s Rip Roller Slow Fall Jig and Moonriser Vertical Jig have been impressing big game anglers and their catch alike. The Rip Roller’s centered weight gives it a stable, but rapid rolling action on a slack line. For fishing structures and quick drops into deep water, the Moonriser will cut through water with ease. Adjust the assist hooks placements easily and quickly with our pocketable split ring plier. Keep out the sun with a Mustad Pro Logo Flexfit® hat. This bundle is perfect for fishing pelagic and offshore species. Moonriser Jig | MJIG03-YCD-300-1 Rip Roller Jig | MJIG04-GLO-200-1 Rip Roller Jig | MJIG04-FUG-500-1 Rip Roller Jig | MJIG04-GAB-500-1 Rip Roller Jig | MJIG04-SPB-400-1 Rip Roller Jig | MJIG04-IRM-400-1 Ocean Crystal Jig Assist | J-ASSIST5 Split Ring Plier | MTB007 Black Flexfit Cap | MCAP09-BL-LXL-1read more
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