Grip-Pin® Ned Jig Head

The Mustad Grip-Pin Ned Jig Head is built on a 32833NP-BN UltraPoint® 2X strong wire hook, which provides the best possible hooking and holding power. The revolutionary Mustad Grip-Pin Ned Jighead holds your soft plastic bait securely in place for a perfect no slip, no slide design that will not tear your bait. Durable straight back molded mushroom head. Use it to target a whole range of fresh and saltwater species, such as Bass, Perch, Zander, Snook, Stocked Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Striped Bass, Pike or Atlantic more
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  • 4.3 UltraPoint® Technology
  • Needle Point
  • 2X Strong
  • Standard Length
  • Forged
  • 90º Bend
  • Ringed Eye
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