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    Bait Scissors - Green

    Preparing bait for big bites needs a tool made for the job. With our 8-inch Bait Scissors, anglers can take care of the process in one go. Built with integrated knives and bone cracker, these scissors are made with mirror-polished stainless steel for rust and corrosion prevention. The additional bottle opener and vegetable peeler are a welcome bonus. For easy cleaning, these scissors are built in 2 pieces.

    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Mirror-Polished
    • Suitable for Braids, Nylons, and Small Wires
    • Non-Slip Soft Grip Handles
    • Integrated knife, bottle opener, bones cracker, and vegetable peeler
    • 2 Piece design for easy cleaning

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    This won't catch you any fish
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