Skatter Shad Blade Jig

The next evolution of the vibrating jig craze, this revolutionary new design features a reversed blade with a specialized blade pivot system that creates a highly erratic action and a bubble trail that drives predator fish wild. The patented connection from blade to head gives the bait an awesome side-to-side searching action. With a double plastic keeper collar and an exclusive TitanX spinnerbait hook, premium skirts, weedless hook protector and Mustad's new mean eye design, the Skatter Shad is sure to set a new standard in the market. Made on a size 4/0 32608NP-TX spinnerbait hook. read more
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  • Albino Shad
  • Sexy Shad
  • Black and Blue
  • Blue Gill
  • Chartreuse / White
  • Pearl
  • Tennesee Shad
  • Black Shad
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